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At Little Aquanauts, we understand that instruction
and experience are keys to helping a child learn to
participate in the water safely and confidently. We
believe that, while accidents can happen, they don’t
need to cost a child or a family something as
precious as a life.

Our instruction begins by training with a basic
premise: learning to recognize the difference
between being submerged (and unable to breath)
and when they are above water and able to.
Following a course of repetitive instruction, the
students then continue on to beginner techniques,
starting with a simple back-float. This allows them
to remain for an indefinite amount of time in the water, calling for help or maintaining the ability to breathe until help arrives.

As the training progresses, children are instructed on more complicated methods, from self-righting from a submerged state (fully-clothed!) to a series of swim-float-swim maneuvers that allow a child to remove themselves from the water entirely!

To schedule training for your child, visit us on Facebook, e-mail, or call to discuss classes!

Infant Water Self-Rescue Training